Rent from experienced "Athenians" with over 100 years rental property experience!

Ath Best Rentals winning The 2018 Athens Clarke Heritage Award for BEST rehab: “The Cottages” (L-R) Chuck McCaleb, Richard Bennett, and Roger Rehmel

Ath Best Rentals is a small, nimble, full service rental company that specializes in remodeled 1 Bedroom apartments in 5-points 1 block to UGA campus, and in the historic in-town neighborhoods of downtown just 1 block from downtown Athens.

Our team prides itself on GOOD customer service! 95% of All our service calls are handled in 24 hours or less! NOT 24 days… or 24 e-mails later.

Our team is made up of mostly “native Athenians” who know and understand the ever changing Athens rental market.

Roger Rehmel (Property manager) has over 45 years experience in real estate and business and is responsible for day to day operations.

Chuck McCaleb (Maintenance manager) has over 40 years experience in contractor and rental maintenance and is responsible for maintenance and any calls (7 days a week).

Richard Bennett (President) has over 40 years experience in real estate investing, advertising and marketing. He handles the marketing, public relations and advertising duties.

Our mission is to be the BEST rental experience in Athens!

I think our former tenants say it best on our Testimonial Page.